Jun. 19, 2018
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By Alicia M. Priore

Nothing brings people together like food. The traditions associated with food and gathering our nearest and dearest together can be some of our most powerful and treasured memories.

Here, in our inaugural issue, we introduce a feature we want you, our readers, to make your own by inviting you to share your favorite recipes and the stories, memories and traditions and people associated with them. Photos, when you have them to accompany your story, are also welcome.

Iíll start this feature by sharing a few culinary memories of my own late mother, Grace, in the kitchen.

She was not, by any means, what is now commonly referred to as a "domestic goddess." In fact, there was very little that was domestic about her. She cooked as little as often and as begrudgingly as possible however there were a few dishes she learned at the behest of her Italian mother in law and although her battered recipe book contained few actual recipes, it did contain her much loved handwriting as well as a carefully pressed wrapper with the Nestles Toll House chocolate chip recipe on it.

She had grown up in apartments and even lived in a cold water flat in New York City at one point during her impoverished youth and when she got her first cottage and that cottage was first enlarged and renovated to become her first real home she delighted in planning out her kitchen and splurged on a very large and very expensive reproduction of a Victorian era stove. It was beautiful, it was the pride of her home and the first meal she made in it was -- frozen pizza, which she burned.

I hope I can look forward to you sharing your own recipes and memories with us here.

And yes, in honor of my late mother, we welcome epic kitchen fail stories as well.

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